About Us

We are all on this journey called life that is filled with good days and bad days. Regardless, we keep on pushing trying to make it through. Sometimes you just need a little spark of inspiration to help you along the way and keep you encouraged. Through the Journey's mission is to create content and products that will inspire and motivate others. 

Founder and CEO

My Mission

​My mission is to inspire and motivate women to live their best life and walk in their truth. I understand that walking in your truth requires healing and forgiveness, which is not pretty or magical.

A Few Things About Me

​Growing up, I tried to be this perfect person but learned there is no such thing as perfect. I battled with depression and lost my sense of self because I put everyone else's wants and needs before my own. I experienced infidelity in my marriage - on both parts. It was healing and forgiveness that saved my life.

Each situation has taught me how to love myself more and let God work in my life. Then I realized the power of sharing my experiences through creating, writing, and speaking engagements.

​I believe that everyone's journey is not the same, but each journey offers personal and spiritual growth, which is needed to achieve one's fullest potential. Sometimes we need a little help and encouragement to keep going. That is why I am passionate about creating products that inspire and encourage.