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About Us


We are all on this journey called life that is filled with good days and bad days. Regardless, we keep on pushing trying to make it through. Sometimes you just need a little spark of inspiration to help you along the way and keep you encouraged. Through the Journey's mission is to create content and products that will inspire and motivate others. Who doesn't need a little inspiration or motivation to keep them going? We care about your journey and want to be a source of inspiration to keep you from getting discouraged.
Wife, mother, author, entrepreneur, and motivator. Jennifer understands that life is a journey comprised of failure, heartbreak, happiness, loss, and love. However, the journey is needed so we can grow to the next level. If we never go through anything, how can we expect to grow?
That's why she is so passionate about creating content and products that will inspire others. Without a doubt, there will be ups and downs in life. Ultimately, we have to keep on pushing through to the other side.
Life is a journey, our journey! Stay focused and thankful through it all!