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About Jennifer

Like many women, Jennifer has faced her share of challenges in life. As a teenage mother with a burning passion for writing, she temporarily set aside her dreams to raise her children and pursue higher education.

She built a successful career in the legal field while navigating the complexities of marriage, including the painful experience of infidelity. In the process, she grappled with anxiety and depression, losing sight of her own identity. However, these trials have not defined Jennifer; they have propelled her towards self-discovery. Each experience has taught her the importance of surrendering control, letting go of resistance, and allowing faith to guide her journey.

Jennifer, a true Cancerian, embodies nurturing qualities, intuition, and a deep love for travel and family. Her warmth and authenticity shine through in all that Through the Journey offers. She is committed to helping you uncover your inner strength, just as she discovered her own, and to guide you towards a life where you let go of fear, embrace your true self, and allow the divine to work its magic in your life.

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Interviews and Podcasts

Overcoming Teen Pregnancy

Read my interview for Single Mother's Unite blog, where I shared my teen mom journey.

Testimony Service

Listen as I share my story with Martina, host of Testimony Service from my chapter titled "A Scent of Forgiveness" from the book "The Fragrance of a Resilient Woman."

Book/Chapter Playlist

A music playlist with songs that inspired and encouraged me to write my story, A Scent of Forgiveness. 

Book/Chapter Trailer

A short video about my chapter "A Scent of Forgiveness" from the book "The Fragrance of a Resilient Woman." 

Poem and Spoken Word

Listen as I share a few poems on Facebook Live with Sista Goose from Black Girls INK. 

The Werking Mom

I had the pleasure of being a guest on one of my co-author's podcasts. Listen as I talk about what inspired me to write my chapter about forgiveness.

Book Playlist

Listen to the songs that inspired this book. Each song relates to a character in the book and what they experienced. 

Podcast Interview

Listen to my interview with Sista Goose from Black Girls INK where I talk about my debut book. 

Book Trailer

A short video about my debut book "All Things Come to an End." 

Women Who Slay

Interview with Lauren Hope of Good Girl Chronicles

Through the Journey

A snippet about my mission and vision for Through the Journey, LLC.