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I have always been a planner. Always taking time to strategize, take notes, planning things out with a deadline. Over the past few years, digital journals and planners have become my thing. No need to drive to the store to pick up a calendar, to-do list, journal, or planner. Just search online for one to download to my iPad. It's convenient, and there are so many choices.

That is why I was passionate about creating Through the Journey Digital Journals and Planners. Our collection includes journals, weekly planners, monthly planners, goals, meal planners, and notes. All of these help you focus and plan activities and milestones in order for you to meet your goals.

If you are new to digital planners, they are exactly like regular planners, only in a digital form that you access using a note-taking app.

That is why digital planners are the best. They are versatile and flexible. You can download journal and planner templates, add them to your app, and personalize them. Best of all, you can access them on any device you carry with you, so you don’t need to worry if you left your planner at home.

To use digital planners, you will need an iPad or a tablet. I use my iPad pro 10.5” and a stylus (digital pencil).

You will need to download a note-taking app before downloading a digital planner. Here are a few apps that are compatible with MAC and IOS devices that are quick and easy to download. Some are free and also offer an upgraded version with additional features.

Price: Free version allows you to create 3 notebooks or pay a one-time fee of $8.99 to unlock the full version.

Price: Free version offers limited editing, or upgrade to paid version for $12.99 and get unlimited edits, sticker themes, and more features.

Here are a few that are compatible with Android devices.

Price: $4.99, color, draw, take handwritten notes or type them. 

Price: $4.99, no free version. Import notes and document, take notes, organize documents. 

There may be others worth checking out to see which one is best for you and your mobile device.

Start building your template collection today with Through the Journey Digital Collection!

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