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Meet Destinee - All Things Come to an End

Who is Destinee Clark? Destinee is the main character in All Things Come to an End. The book focuses on how she navigates through failed relationships and loss. She finds her way back to Virginia Beach, Virginia, her hometown. When she left for college to Washington D.C., she made a promise to herself that she would never move back. The reason will be revealed in the book. Life had other plans for her.

She meets Chris during a time when she was focused on healing and working towards her goals. He asked her, "who is Destinee Clark." She replied, "I am a child of God who has been through some rough times, yet I’m always ready for a challenge and refuse to give up.”


Personality: Adventurous at times, stubborn, sensitive, problem solver, independent, confident but shy, responsible, loyal, and caring, can be sarcastic at times. Goal-oriented.

Style: Sophisticated-classy yet casual. Clean and simple looks that are softly tailored.

Flaws: Prideful, stubborn, speaks her mind but tries not to be disrespectful, spontaneous,

and very private.

Fear: Failure. Being hurt by men. Falling in love with the wrong guy. Having to depend on other people.

Pet peeves: Telemarketers, manipulation, liars, being late or people who are late, being provoked, and people-pleasing.

Hobbies: Traveling, reading, and the beach.

Family life: The youngest of three, a twin brother (older by 5 minutes), and an older sister (3 years), grew up in a home with both parents who are a little dysfunctional. She's not a daddy's girl but a grandaddy's girl.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

What does Destinee want?

She wants to stop falling for the wrong men who take advantage of her and mentally abuse (sometimes physically abuse) her. To achieve everything she sets her mind to. Have a successful, amazing career as an attorney. Be proactive. Let go of the past. One day to get married and have children.

What stands in the way of her getting what she wants?


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