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coaching with Jennifer

Embracing Change with Jennifer - Your Personal Journey Facilitator

Create a new thinking process that energizes and inspires you to live in peace and be unapologetically happy in your life. Jennifer's goal is to empower you to transform your life, whether it's a goal you wish to attain, working through forgiveness, or infidelity in your marriage.

Let's talk about it

Life will push you to your breaking point, but it is possible to put yourself back together. It's time to get out of your own way and trust yourself so you can live with more purpose.

My programs are designed to help you release old patterns, get out of your way, and gain a deeper connection with your mind, body, and soul.

Meet your Journey Facilitator

I'm Jennifer, your partner in navigating life's twists and turns. As a Journey Facilitator, my mission is to help you unfold the life you've always dreamt of living. I won't just provide coaching; I'm here to facilitate your personal growth, empower your decisions, and support your journey toward a fulfilling and purposeful existence.

Like most women, I've been through some stuff in my life: a teen mom with a passion for writing, but I put that aside to raise my children and continue my education. I had a long career in the legal field, experienced infidelity in my marriage, and dealt with anxiety and depression.

Through it all, I lost my identity and had to rediscover myself. Each situation taught me that I needed to move out of the way, stop fighting, and let God work in my life.

As a wife and mother, I understand what it feels like to lose yourself while caring for others. But there comes a time when you must put yourself first and listen to your wants and needs.

This journey called life can be rough. It is time to learn how to trust the journey called life even when you don’t understand it. I always say that the best teacher is one with experience. To understand my purpose, I had to go through some things and break them so God could help build me back up, and now I am here to share and help others on their journey. 

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